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This site is all about audio equitment and music reproduction, but predominantly about designing and building DIY loudspeakers. We aspire to do that in a somewhat scientific manner and therefore try to avoid unproven "truths" and esoterism often associated with parts of the HiFi industry. If claims are made, we shall try to prove them. If we neglect to do so, please feel free to remind us.


The intension of this site is to distribute our acquired knowledge, freely, as we also learned lots and lots from free sources. Following this mentality, projects presented on this site may be copied or altered as see fit for private use. Commerical use is not permitted without previous approval.


I don't vouche for the correctness of the data, meassurements or statements on this site. Therefore I won't be held accountable for damage done on materials and/or persons while recreating the here shown projects. Use your own brain and always consult more then one source before doing something. If you don't agree, please leave this site now.